Visual Cues as Comprehension Aids: the missing Link in Machine Interpreting

Most of the time live communication takes place using both verbal and non-verbal means which are adjusted to the situational needs and communicative objectives of the interlocutors. This obviously plays a crucial role also in multilingual communication and in machine interpretation. For example, typical verbal means can be the so-called topicalization, i.e. positioning the most … Read more

Situational Awareness in Machine Interpreting

Situational Awareness

Machine Interpreting, a subset of spoken language translation, is undergoing rapid advancements. The recent strides in this domain are particularly evident in the development of robust end-to-end systems. These systems utilize a singular language model to directly translate spoken content from one language to another. As impressive as this technology is, it currently finds its … Read more

I cloned my own voice

Most building blocks of Artificial Intelligence are increasingly plug&play. This means they are accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of programming (mainly in Python). This is one of the recent revolutions in the field I will never stop emphasizing. If a company makes a product out of it, and you can bet it will … Read more