Conference/Workshop organisation



  • 15 February 2024 Webinar "Understanding Machine Interpretation: Future Developments (Part 2)", GALA
  • 18 January 2024 Webinar "Understanding Machine Interpretation: State-Of-The-Art (Part 1)", GALA



  • 4 November Panelist "Simultaneous Interpreting and Artificial Intelligence", Translation Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • 27 October Keynote Speaker "Bridging Language Barriers: How AI redefines Multilingual Communication", 2023 Taiwan T&I Symposium
  • 23 October Invited Speaker "Speech Recognition for Interpreters", University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain
  • 2023 Invited Speaker AI, Interpretation, and the Dynamics of Change, AIIC 70th Anniversary celebrations in Brussels
  • 2023 Keynote Speaker "The Rise of AI: Reimagining Research Frontiers in Translation and Interpreting Studies", Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • 2023 Invited Speaker "Translation Training in the Tech Age: A Call for Reassessment and Adaptation", Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • 2023 Invited Speaker "The Interpreting Profession in the Age of AI: Navigating the Tension Between Augmentation and Automation", European Parliament
  • 2023 Invited Speaker "Machine Interpreting: principles, challenges, and future directions", Kent University, US
  • 2023 Invited Speaker "Natural language processing augmenting translation and interpreting", Surrey University, UK




  • 2020 "Studying speech-to-text translation from a communicative perspective" (with Bianca Prandi), European Translation Forum, UNINT, Rome
  • 2020 "Date the Artificial Booth Mate: what does your ideal match with ASR look like?" (with Bart Defrancq), European Translation Forum, UNINT, Rome
  • 2020 "Artificial intelligence in interpreting: from support for human agents to full automation", Artificial Intelligence & Intercultural Intelligence. Actions and interactions in translation, interpreting and target contexts, ISIT, Paris
  • 2020 "Automatic Speech Recognition in the booth: Assessment of system performance, interpreters’ performances and interactions in the context of numbers" (with Bart Defrancq), Artificial Intelligence & Intercultural Intelligence. Actions and interactions in translation, interpreting and target contexts, ISIT, Paris
  • 2020 "Artificial Intelligence and Interpreting: supporting tool and full automation", CenTraS, UCL, Translation and Technology (Virtual) Guest Lecture Series, 2020-21
  • 2020 "The Future Impact of AI in Interpreting", 2020 TRANSLATION WEEK, Mexico
  • 2020 "Teaching simultaneous interpreting remotely", APTIS "Lockdown Interpreting" series.
  • 2020 "TransELTE 2020, ELTE University’s 22nd Annual Conference of Translators and Interpreters", University of Budapest, Hungary
  • 2020 "Remote Simultaneous Interpreting – Meeting of Experts", University of Surrey, England


  • 2019 "Presenting InterpretBank", University of Ghent, Belgium
  • 2019 "Interpreting ang the technological turn in interpreting: the challenges that lie ahead", BDÜ World Congress, Bonn
  • 2019 "Speech recognition in translation and interpreting", Translating Europe Forum, EU, Bruxelles
  • 2019 "Interpreting training, past and present", 100 years of conference interpreting, Geneve
  • 2019 "Remote interpreting, CAI-tools and artificial intelligence: the technological turn in interpreting", Institute of applied linguistics, Warsaw
  • 2019 "Translation and interpreting in the age of artificial intelligence. Basic concepts and future prospectives", Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Vittoria, Turin


  • 2018 "The upcoming digital turn in interpreting: from CAI tools to artificial intelligence", Specialized translation, interpretation and creativity", Istituto di Alti Studi SSML Carlo Bo, Rom
  • 2018 "Interpreting ang the technological turn", Discuss Interpreting, ISIT, Paris
  • 2018 "Italian in translation in the era of artificial intelligence", Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen, Heidelberg
  • 2018 "Computer-assisted Interpreting: Stand der Technik und der Forschung", University of Heidelberg, Ringvorlesung.
  • 2018 "Le tecnologie in traduzione ed interpretazione. La situazione attuale e le ripercussioni sul futuro della professione", University of Turin.


  • 2017 "Speech Recognition in the Interpreter Workstation", Translating and the Computer 39, London.
  • 2017 "Speech Recognition and Computer-Assisted Interpreting", TechLING'17 - Languages, Linguistics and Technology, Forlì.
  • 2016 "InterpretBank. Redefining Computer-assisted Interpreting Tools", Translating and the Computer 38, London.
  • 2016 "Computer-assisted preparation in conference interpreting", Translation and Interpreting. Convergence, Contact, Interaction, Trieste.
  • 2015 "Design and Developement of a Freeware Text Analysis Tool for Translation Tasks", IV International Conference on Corpus Use and Learning to Translate (CULT), Alicante
  • 2014 "GEROM - Integrating the Web and corpus linguistics to extend the usability of terminology resources", 4th International Conference Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, Geneva
  • 2014 "Variability in translation and the influence of translation technologies", 6th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • 2009 "Wissens- und Terminologiemanagement für Simultandolmetscher", Internationale Fachkonferenz des BDÜ, Berlin, Germany
  • 2008 "Neue Entwicklungen im Bereich Terminologiemanagement für Konferenzdolmetscher", SDI, Munich, Germany
  • 2005 "Creazione automatica di corpora specialistici dal web", La formazione in terminolgia, Bertinoro/Forlì, Italy

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