Dr. Claudio Fantinuoli

Head of Innovation at KUDO Inc. and Lecturer at Mainz University

Claudio Fantinuoli
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university of mainz

My main areas of work are computer-assisted human interpreting and real-time machine interpreting, which essentially means that I study and design NLP/AI systems to augment human interpreters and automatically translate speech, with the human user at the center. Personally, I'm passionate about the intersection of mind, brain (including computational) and language.

Short biography
I studied conference interpreting and I hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics. I have taught at the University of Innsbruck, at the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna and at the Karlshochschule International University. My career in NLP/AI started at Eurac Research. Today I'm a lecturer and researcher at the University of Mainz and Head of Innovation at KUDO Inc. I'm also the founder of InterpretBank, a CAI tool for professional interpreters, and a consultant on automatic speech recognition and speech translation for the institutions of the European Union.

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