A selection of projects and AI tools

You can find here some projects I am working on right now or I led in the past, with brief info and links to demos and products, if available. The projects and tools are/were either part of scientific, industrial work, or simply side projects of mine.

EasyAI: Explaining AI and NLP to the humanities
A minimalist open book that teaches the basic concepts of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence applied to the language domain. The book is designed for Translators, Interpreters, Journalists, Copy-Writers, etc. It has been designed to be easy to read and understand, with no prior knowledge of math or computer science required.

Free book: here
Simultaneous speech-to-speech translator
This patented system (U.S. Patent 11704507) translates in real-time (simultaneously) a speech. This means that the speaker does not need to pause between their sentences since the translation is almost immediate. The system analyses speech structure in real time and takes informed decisions on how to organize the translation process.

This is a commercial product offered by KUDO Inc.
AI Lesson Generator
Trainees rely on training material for deliberate practice in interpreting. The combination of LLM and TTS system allows trainees and trainers alike to create customized material for class or self study. Here are some examples created for my students.

A free tool to improve written texts
This system uses language models to reformulate sentences and paragraphs in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish, correcting errors such as grammar, collocations, etc. It is also able to translate texts. The intended use of this tool is to improve the quality and idiomaticity of texts written by non-native speakers.

Free tool: demo
AI-Notepad for consecutive and dialog interpreting
In order to translate with high accuracy, interpreters take notes on paper while they are listening to the speaker. This AI-based notepad integrates the live transcription of what the speaker is saying and the possibility to machine translate parts of the speech in real-time.

Free tool: here
Short video: here
Automatic Speech-to-Text Translation System
A speech translation application for real-time speech-to-text translation. The tool was developed to demonstrate potentials and limits of state-of-the-art speech translation and design an evaluation methodology that puts the user at its center.

Free tool: Automatic Speech-to-Text Translation
Publication: Fantinuoli C., Prandi B. "Towards the evaluation of automatic simultaneous speech translation from a communicative perspective". Proceedings of IWSLT 2021 (2021)
InterpretBank's Artificial Boothmate
When translating in real-time highly technical speeches, simultaneous interpreters may struggle with complex terminology and numbers. The Artificial Boothmate is a tool designed to support professional interpreters suggesting them in real-time terms and their translations as well as and numbers in context.

Tool: here (the tool is part of a commercial tool called InterpretBank, but can be accessed for free)
Monitoring the interpretability of speech
Real-time monitor of the interpretability of speech
This tool monitors in real-time the pace and complexity of a speech and gently asks the speaker to slow down if necessary. It is designed to support simultaneous interpreters in those cases when a speaker is simply going too fast for the interpreter to deliver an accurate and fluent translation. It can also contribute to better intelligibility of the original speech and can therefore be used in monolingual contexts. (Patent pending - Fantinuoli/KUDO)

Tool: prototype
ITB - A curated list of publications related to Interpreting and Technology

This is a publicly available and quite extensive bibliography around Technology and interpreting. The literature is divided into the following broad topics: Computer-assisted Interpreting, Evaluation, Machine Interpreting, Remote Interpreting, Training

Bibliography: here
Augmented Interpretation for numbers
Simultaneous interpreters have high percentages of errors while translating speeches with a lot of numbers. This is an AI-enhanced computer-assisted interpreting tool for the suggestion of numbers in real-time.

Free tool: here
InterpretBank is a computer-assisted interpreting tool for Windows and macOS designed for professional interpreters. It helps interpreters preparing specialized assignments, manage terminology and access it in the booth or underway. InterpretBank is based on Artificial Intelligence, a smart design and cutting-edge technologies in the field of Natural Language Processing.

Webpage: Webpage Note that this is a commercial project.

Ergonomics of the artificial boothmate
With the University Gent, we performed several experiments to understand the human-machine interaction of ASR-based computer-assisted tools and measuring its use on interpreting performance.

Project's webpage: EABM project
Video Intro: here
Grant: N° EC 10 – 2020-2021 – SCIC.B.1(2020) 4773772 - European Commission
A German-Italian, corpus-based terminology platform for social discourse analysis
Project's webpage: here
Grant: DAAD