Empowering Autonomous Learning Through AI

I recently developed a tool that gave birth to the first interpreting lesson entirely generated by Artificial Intelligence. The material (example available here) showcases the potential of Generative AI to transform teaching methods across various subjects, placing students at the heart of the learning experience by making them more autonomous. The dream of shifting the … Read more

Having a professor at your fingertips? Is it possible?

I couldn’t resist the temptation and created a digital clone of myself, or more precisely, of the knowledge from my publications on #interpreting and #technology. Now, people can engage in natural language conversations with this virtual counterpart, asking questions about the few topics where I possess some expertise. From what I can discern, as the … Read more

New Chapter: Towards AI-enhanced computer-assisted interpreting

I am thrilled to announce my chapter for an upcoming publication on Interpreting and Technology. The chapter titled “Towards AI-enhanced computer-assisted interpreting” delves into the evolution of digital tools for interpreters and the rising influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on Computer-Assisted Interpreting (CAI). As a researcher and practitioner in the field, I have spent the … Read more

The Rise of AI: Reimagining Research Frontiers in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Recently I had the incredible honor of delivering a keynote speech titled “The Rise of AI: Reimagining Research Frontiers in Translation and Interpreting Studies” at the XIII International Symposium for Young Researchers held at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Second time at this university in only 2 weeks. This time however in person. These are … Read more