Creativity and poetry in the age of AI

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, and recently AI has been used to create impressive works of art, such as realistic pictures or newspaper articles. This has sparked a lot of discussion on the possibility for AI to be truly creative (see this article by Forbes for an overview), with proponent emphasizing … Read more

Interacting with Artificial Intelligence

How do you interact with a Large Language Model? And how do you integrate its knowledge inside a real-life application, for example a bot, a translation system, or something similar? In this short video I show how easy it is to interact with a Large Language Model (LLM), in this case the famous GPT-3, using … Read more

GPT-3 and DALL-E 2 on Interpreting

Interpreting as a Profession Interpreters are important language professionals who facilitate communication between two or more people who do not share a common language. They interpret spoken or written messages from one language into another, ensuring that the meaning is conveyed accurately and faithfully. Interpreters play a vital role in many settings, including courtrooms, conferences, … Read more

I cloned my own voice

Most building blocks of Artificial Intelligence are increasingly plug&play. This means they are accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of programming (mainly in Python). This is one of the recent revolutions in the field I will never stop emphasizing. If a company makes a product out of it, and you can bet it will … Read more

Improving texts with Artificial Intelligence

A few months ago, I wrote a simple demonstration AI-tool to rephrase and correct text in English. I now added 4 extra languages. The tool supports also French, Italian, Spanish and German. The tool is available for free here: If you are curious about how AI can rewrite sentences, what are its potentials and … Read more

Facial emotion recognition may improve automatic speech translation

Meta AI recently published a new framework (AV-HuBERT) to improve automatic speech recognition thanks to lips monitoring, de facto combining Speech with Vision, two of the traditional areas of Artificial Intelligence. Incorporating data on both visual lip movement and spoken language, AV-HuBERT aims at bringing artificial assistants closer to human-level speech perception (see META AI … Read more